For the very last away game of the season, the Ten promises went to the Liège CS Visé. The game got off to a slow start, with few chances in the early stages. Deflem was aiming for a first shooting opportunity over the goal frame. A little later Berghmans made the action and kicked well towards goal. The goalkeeper pushed the leather into the corner with an excellent save. Sakar then nodded the corner kick with his head beside him. Visé created danger the first time after 20 minutes. Van Cutsem got well out of his goal, however, and was able to intercept the ball.

A good game by CS Vise

After a good attack from the visitors, Singh was able to shoot on^goal. His shot ended up in the hands of the goalkeeper. After a thick half hour of play Deflem got his second yellow card, after two faults shortly after each other, and Tienen had to go on for another hour with one man less. Nevertheless, the Tienen promises continued to hold the game in their hands. Before half-time there was no more scoring.

CS Vise scored a goal again

After the break Nijs brought Tienen into the lead. Only three minutes later the joy was pressed again. With a low free kick the opponent rebalanced the score. The visitors, however, did not let themselves out of line and went looking for the lead again. A shot from Nijs whizzed over the crossbar. Peeters surprised the home goalkeeper a little later with a distance shot that hit the nets via the goal post. Then it was Visé who again gathered a few good chances. It was a quarter of an hour before the end and the home side were level again. The Tenth Promises could then take care of no more danger, so the game ended in a 2-2 tie.